by haynza

Haynza is an up-and-coming artist based in Brisbane, Australia who loves creating music to spread light in what can be a dark world. While an easy classification of his music would be Pop, Haynza’s unique and ever-evolving sound echo characteristics of other genres such as Alternative and Hip-Hop music. He has been singing since he can remember and has been writing and producing his own songs since his early teenage years. In 2018, he felt called to live more into his Christian faith, which birthed his debut album The Fall To Grace, a 10-track project that came out in early 2019. He has since released multiple singles, his most recent being Dear Internet Lover. With spirituality at the core of his artistry, Haynza’s aim is to make music that touches on the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of life to help others see that they are not alone or without hope.