by haynza

Haynza is a 20-year-old artist who sings about his faith journey in order to influence the masses to contemplate the existential questions of life, and receive clarity in Christ. His music is somewhat of an anomaly in the Christian music scene, echoing of a myriad of musical genres such as Pop/R&B, Alternative, and even Hip-Hop. This, coupled with his thought-provoking and sometimes matter-of-fact lyrics, are what strikes a chord of familiarity in the young person trying to stick to the narrow path. At the end of 2017, Haynza released his first single ‘Falling’ ahead of his 2018 debut EP ’The Fall’; a concept EP that described his inner dialogue as a Christian who was about to let himself fall into a reckless lifestyle in the secular music industry (the EP has since been taken down due to his personal convictions). Despite the strong urge to live out his wicked teenage angst through the medium of music, he found himself at a crossroads after graduating High School as he knew that the lifestyle he so desperately wanted would be at odds with his faith. He had to choose whether to pursue fame, money and notoriety, or Jesus. After many sleepless nights, he finally surrendered his music, along with the rest of his life, to Jesus on Easter Sunday of 2018. Since then, Haynza has been creating music that glorifies the Creator. His debut album ‘The Fall To Grace’ came out in April 2019 and he is currently working on new music that is going to be released in the very near future.